Lunchbox locker noise. Dave. I run the Aussie locker in the D44al in my 408 SC 1998 ZJ with no problems so far at the track ( I did put in Atlas Alloy rear axles too ) I am at the mid 11's in 1/4 with it. This allows the cam gears to spin right past the axle gear which is what creates the ratcheting noise that lunchbox lockers are famous for. The Aussie Locker Dana 35 is considered to be one of the most robust lockers available in today’s market. I have a Lock-Right lunchbox locker in the front (D44) and a mini spool in the rear. In a lunchbox locker, the hole where the center pin goes through is shaped like an oval instead of a perfect circle. 14 Durango SXT AWD. They are a little stonger than the lock right and make next to no noise. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 3, 2001. It's the easiest and cheapest but didn't want the extra noise. There might be a couple other quirks, but the ratcheting noise is the most common. I was told by a toyota mechanic with some experience that the most likely culprit for a noisy transmission was the front bearing. But that's going to cost over $2K just for parts. It will work with stock and aftermarket gear ratios. It had lunchbox locker in the rear when I bought it. 2018-2022 Jeep JL Lockers | Wrangler. 2000 engine rpm/700r4 0. There are lots of aftermarket limited slip and locker options for the AMC 20. I'll air them down next week to recommended 36psi numbers and see if that helps the noise level. The so called "lunch box" lockers are a joke IMO, though I know some who seem to like them. Try to tell me tell me he's the best. Another alternative is a "lunchbox" locker. Ok so I'm new to the lunchbox locker world. 90 Jeep XJ Wagoneer 4. Discussion in 'Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech' started by Montgomery J Yarbrough, May 16, 2021. Some folks can adjust to it, some can't. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > May 16, 2021. Why So Many Bad Reviews On Lunchbox Lockers. '13 JKU | The 200r4 would make any lugging worse in oD as the 200R4 has a higher OD ratio at 0. Those Ausie Lockers are priced right. The Spartan locker is often called a "lunchbox locker". You can use the same lunchbox every day, yet pack a different lunch. Are Aussie lockers noisy? All lunchbox lockers like the OP’s Aussie, Lockrite, or No-Slip are all . < If you jack your front end up and turn one wheel forward and can still turn the other wheel reverse AND . The Spartan Locker, USA Standard Gear’s lunchbox locker, provides game-changing traction at a low cost. 180. I installed one on my ranger and would recommned it to everyone. If your Jeep JK has a Dana 44 rear axle with 30 splines, this differential locker from Yukon Gear & Axle can provide the best performance. On tight slow turns like into parking spaces etc. They'll make a click-click-click or tap-tap-tap noise during the turn. The Spartan shouldn’t make any noise but a ratcheting while you turn. If you really have done lots and lots of work on your jeep and have no money, wait a couple weeks and just buy a lunch box. I'm looking at lunchbox lockers to put in the rear, but the catch is that the GW needs to be safe to drive in all winter conditions, from deep snow to slippery slush and icy roads. The noise sounds almost exactly like the noise when front u-joints have gone bad, but all u-joints and bearings up there are new, the fluid's been changed, and there isn't a trace of metal or other debris inside the differential. outside of the ratcheting noise when turning, its a very solid piece and very predictable. Lunchbox Locker - A "Lunchbox" locker (or drop-in locker) is a locker mechanism that is designed to fit into the stock differential carrier replacing the spider gear set and sometimes the side gears and pinion-shaft. Front differential locker (lunchbox type) Discussion in '3rd Gen 4Runners (1996-2002)' started by movienator, Nov 14, 2020. I'm using the "strip" springs. Application: Dana 60 (Front or Rear). ARB Air Locker Locking Differential for 71-18 Jeep Vehicles with 27 Spline Front Dana 30 with 3. By "clunking" noise and "jumping around" it sounds like yours is locked on turns, which isn't good. Joined: May 28, 2018 Hi LG, I am using lockright lunchbox locker. In 2wd you won't even know the locker is in the front. It can guarantee maximum traction with its Performance Tool W3001C 1/2 in Drive Beam Style Torque Wrench 0-150 ft/lb. The installation of a locking differential in your 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL can improve your off-road capabilities. #6 · Aug 31, 2017. Later I drove 50 miles down to San Diego and back and problem solved! The instructions call for a "50 mile normal driving break in". 1992 w250 Cummins Ramcharger 5spd getrag 3. STANI Metal Locker Steel Storage Cabinet with 6 Doors for Office School Gym Metal Storage Locker Cabinets for Employees Students Steel Locker. Maybe Tighening all fuel lines, if your pump is pushing out 5 to 6lbs and your carb only needs 3-4 then the pressure goes elsewhere. Currently own a 98 XJ bone stock, but click Here: For pics of my TJ and old XJ. No issues at all in 2WD (no noise, drivability concerns, etc. A locking differential may provide increased traction compared to a standard, or "open" differential by restricting each of the two wheels on an axle to the same rotational speed without regard to available traction or differences in resistance seen at each wheel. Cons: They will lock under load, it's what they're designed to do, so if you have the power on and are cornering, both wheels try to spin at the same speed. IMO I would save up and buy a selectable locker like a ARB, all automatic lockers are pretty much the same. The lunchbox style lockers are always locked but they let . SL NPATROL-31. 2 for 7 years - no problems. The heavy-duty case and internals provide a dramatic . BTW, I have a used Dana 44 Detroit Locker 3. A slip/stick condition between the transfer case output shaft and Even 4x4's are not true 4x4 without lockers. 90% of the time if a locker is making a lot of noise and binding/chirping, you installed it wrong. I ran a Lock Right in my Waggy D44 for years without any problems, just mild wheeling though. 6 is the Powertrax No-Slip. 7L. 12,647 Posts. 5 3 pinion carrier, so to install a lunchbox locker you will have to find a 2 pinion open carrier to put it in, and by the time you have done all of that you might as well go with a full case locker, like the Detroit locker or Yukon Grizzly. It's . 3+ day shipping. is a distinguished manufacturer of precision differental products. If you have an open rear end, then all you need is a lunchbox locker (drop in) like the powertrax no slip or detroit locker, and you will be good to go! The “Gov-Lock” Locker. Read reviews carefully. Our Price: $1485. Jacksonville. All automatic locking differentials are known for making a clicking or banging noise when locking and unlocking as the vehicle negotiates turns. 237 Posts. And the install on a new rear end would be quite expensive as well I have a place close by that does installed on the ARB lockers and it would Clicking noise while cornering and extra driveline slop are common side affects of a mechanical locker. USD 1039. STANI Metal Locker with 5 Door Employees Locker 5-Tier Storage Cabinet Locker for School Gym Office Hospital Steel Storage Locker. 99 1039. Weak link for many a jeep. Sponsored. On the ground just popping noise. current price $169. I've run a number of automatic "lunchbox" lockers, including an Aussie (which is now Torqmaster) in my Jeep. #3 · Sep 9, 2021. DANA,80,DETROIT,LOCKER,FORD,DODGE,DUALLY,LOCKING DIFFERENTIAL,FULL,POSI,d80-det-4-37,d80-det,d80-, Description: DANA 80 DETROIT LOCKER The Detroit Locker provides maximum traction for off-road or racing use. “Its first application was GM half-ton trucks. It relies on a simple mechanical design which makes use of two distinct sets of forces – the “ground driven” forces acting on a wheel when cornering (that force an outside wheel to turn faster) and the forces I put a (similar to Powertrax) Nitro Gear and Axle Lunchbox Locker in my car. This biggest drawback of running an automatic locker on the street is the noise and . Item specifics. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 8 later and its out the driveway with the usual new locker bang bang and then the noise is over. I ran a richmond powertrax lock-rite (lunchbox locker replacing the replacing spider gears) in a GM A body and it performed flawlessly. Spartan Locker Lunchbox Style Mechanical Locker . The dealership first told me it was installed wrong and they would have to replace the entire rear, now they are . The only Ford limited slip differential available for the 9-inch ('57-'68) was the Ford Equa-Lok --not good for high horse power or high torque loads. then once you're in a turn, it acts like an open diff. Take the Jeep for a test drive and note the locker’s operation. Ideally, donors will be very common vehicles found in junkyards. Some customers may comment on a clunk, bump or squawk noise when the vehicle comes to a stop or when accelerating from a complete stop. Cause. From what I've read, the Locker is fairly aggressive and leads to noticeably increased tire wear. 9 cummins. So far very happy with the performance to . I . Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive. Some users say that the noise fades with use, while others say that it is intrusive. The more robust Hall-Effect sensors are preferred because they're not susceptible to EMI/RFI interference/noise, and their digital square-wave signal strength is . While looking to compare some LSDs I came across this. 06-02-2005, 09:22 AM Thread Starter #12. New New New. I recommend you get on the freeway and let the thing get a . Loc. I can jack the rear end up and shift into gear and listen/observe the pumpkin housing for the . or the excellent value of the original Lock-Right lunchbox locker, our motto is simple: MAXIMUM TRACTION! Lock-Right Locker - The Lock-Right Locker is designed as a or drop-in locker that fits into the existing stock differential carrier replacing the spider gear set offering a lower cost alternative to full-carrier lockers. Around town/under 60mph, just as quiet as the F1's. 50 gears. i would recommend those for the front axle . Full size vans and pickups with factory equipment would be ideal. I guess it all depends on your wheeling. 89 posi unit. Selectable lockers: ARB, OX, Yukon Zip. Dana 44 USA Standard Gear (SL D44-30) Spartan Locker – Best Lunchbox Locker for Low Ratcheting Volume. 5. There is usually alot of backlash in the design and you can get some noise on . 25" Rearend Spartan Lunchbox Locker 29 Spline With Gasket. 4 inch rear end and it is an excellent choice. 99 $439. 2000 engine rpm/200r4 OD of 0. Lunchbox lockers are intended for drag cars, or serious off-roaders FearNothing321, Sep 19, 2010 #12. 0 F350 - 04 Liberty (4" Lift) Most of the people hating on lunch box style lockers have never used one. But when . Subscribed for your post-install impressions I have the 2-low mod and a spare front diff with yukon 4. Montgomery J Yarbrough New Member Lander wyoming. Lunchbox just refers to a non- full carrier replacement style locker (becuase theyre small enough to fit in your luchbox unlike a full carrier replacement locker). The front will get a locker next. The Lock-Right provides maximum traction, but a light clicking noise can be heard when turning as the Lock-Right gears allow for wheel differentiation. Though different in design. 5 posi unit in my 73. 25 ZF rear axles. Length for one shaft: ideally 34. $350. Hi All: Go ahead and use the typical GL5 rated 75W90 gear oil with your Lockrite for cold weather use. This forces both wheels to turn in . The noise was never an issue, and in 2WD I never felt the front locker at all. They don't make a lunchbox locker for a Ford 10. Also traded the WRX in for a 2014 JK . They are a lunchbox locker that replaces the spider gears. 07-09-2009, 03:47 PM. Just last week I found a nice video from Dirty Offroad that explains all the locker options. $1,049. #10 · Dec 2, 2009. They may be fine for little Jeeps and . Location: Utah. Gotta pay close attention to the air pressure on both tires. Check Price on Amazon. More choices available. I'm building up my yj. , CST. 1969 SWB F100 Ranger. I'm considering the Detroit Gearless Locker, (or anything better) that I can pop in on an afternoon between sheetrocking/finishing the . 19. I have a 28 spline 9" in 66 f100 with a warmed up 390 in it that is a run around beater hot rod. These two circuits may be dependent or independent to . LUNCHBOX AUTO LOCKERS. 240-6, C-4, 9" N-case 31-spline Traction-Lok w/3. The downside is they are full time lockers (similar to a Detroit Locker) but are not a strong as a full case locker. We stand behind our products with some of the smartest technicians in the industry. Ram Year. 99 when i checked today. My TJ has a lunchbox locker up front. Before considering a lunchbox locker, check to see if you are running a G80 or open carrier in the rear. Spartan Locker Highlights. cal. I might change out to the OX . Mine never make any noise, just let off the gas around corners. 99 . Aussie locker making the typical clunk-clunk-clunk ratchet type noise. · 3 yr. The cheapest form of traction enhancement is known as a lunchbox, drop in or simply an auto locker. Has yours ever made that loud clunk sound? The whole vehicle seemed to jump! Had me a bit worried, like the housing . Detroit makes a lunchbox locker also I just dont thing its worth the extra money. Locking Differentials 100% made in the USA. Post Reply. 05 Deep Blue CC 4X4. 13. Powertrax does make a modified assembly, called the no-slip, which is engineered to be quieter (it has a system to mechanically disengage the over-driven clutch, so it doesn't chatter. The money I saved allowed me to completely rebuild the rear suspension with UMI tubular upper and lower control arms, bushings . 93+ for about the price of a new Lock Right. Nov 14, 2020 at 9:40 AM . 55 gears and is open right now. 25 to put in the 3. With my rear lock-rite, the tires always make noise if accelerating in a turn, especially if the turn is slightly uphill. PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept return of lockers that have been installed. Mechanical lockers aka lunchbox lockers aka unlockers: these have spring-loaded side gears that keep the diff locked most of the time, but will disengage (unlock) when making turns to allow one tire to rotate faster than the other. I'm looking at putting a lunchbox locker in the front D30 on my jeep and can't decide on which one to go with. Lots of noise on the interweb about that. A locking differential, differential lock, diff lock or locker is a variation on the standard automotive differential. 1972-2006 Dana 44 Front or Rear Spartan Lunchbox Locker 30 Spline With Gasket. The Aussie locker does not require any manual intervention to operate such as cables, switches, or air compressors. Answered by Spartan Locker Lunchbox Style Mechanical Locker . Bring you down. 10s the ability to run slicks at the track and daily . Transmission rebuild . I've run a lunchbox locker in the rear of a full size truck for a year now and there are some days it's silent and other days that it pops and bangs like a mother. I have been extremely happy with it. 3 quarts of fluid in the 8. Just never heard mine make noise yet. The closest thing I found was a YouTube video on a Ford 8. Aussie had nearly no issues found ; Was installed with NP247 in the truck, worked great. I say rear locker is best if you wheel anything but flat ground. In my experience they all function the same but some are a little more finnicky to install. The EATON Posi was available as early as 1951 in Chevy half-ton trucks. Axles: SD60 and 14BFF w/ 5. '13 JKU | Nov 2, 2019. you will notice some ratcheting. You're on the gas and it's basically a spool. Axle shafts are a much easier repair than anything else in the rearend. For vehicles . Just select your favourite on-line retailer and search for "AMC 20 differential carrier". 73 gear ratio. Features: The Aussie locker is an automatic differential locker. Lunchbox in the front is way clunkier. Don't spool or weld the front. Feels like somethings going to break. Yukon Gear & Axle (YGLD30-4-27) Grizzly locker. On we plow. Cons. Features & Product Details. Spartan Locker for Nissan Titan rear differential with 32 spline axles - SL NTITAN-32. Eventually he went with a Detroit, got tired of changing it out. But spend some time on youtube. Joined: May 28, 2018 The Lunchbox Lockers Basics. Here are the quick reference numbers you need to check to save yourself time and I've been looking for a while at putting in a lunchbox locker. When a locking differential is combined with your other drive line components, you will find that you can take on the toughest and most challenging obstacles out there. It will lock it and not put metal in the case. C200k axle shafts are pretty beefy, I wouldn't expect any issue with 35" or smaller tires but that is yet to be seen. Helps keep the sidewall stiffer. From $164. 64" but anywhere from like, 37. Trail Rig: 2000 XJ w/ 4. These clicks are usually inaudible inside the vehicle and generally only occur when the vehicle is making a turn. National Drivetrain Most lockers become the stronger part of the axle and failures will occur in the axle shafts before the diff is damaged. The gov-lock carrier is different than the open carrier, so you can't buy a lunchbox locker if you already have the gov-lock. As the differential unlocks and locks, the devices generate a loud sound that is easy to mistake as the product having been installed poorly. 32 first gear) on the super grippy Katemcy pink granite. . I live in the South, see very little snow, and this is not my daily driver, however I would still prefer the one with the best street manners and the least noise, but not if it's at the cost of performance, function, and strength. basically, until you're in a turn, it acts like a spool. I think you'll be happy enough with just a lunch box locker like a lockrite or nitro gear. concerning the lunchbox locker I ordered 5 weeks ago. Ok, here is a how to on installing a LOKKA Automatic Differential Locker for the Front r180 Differential. They replace the standard diff carrier entirely and tend to be built much stronger than the standard carrier would allow. “Next EATON came out with its Posi, originally the GM posi-traction differential which came out in 1951,” Creager explained. bought the Detroit and got the lock right on a trade. Options for the Sterling 10. Like other lunchbox lockers users have reported on the internet, there is some loud clicking, popping and chunking as the teeth break-in and get the correct wear pattern. They make a smoother functioning one if you don't like the clicking, but you barely hear that with 80w-140w gear oil. 00. It’s a plate-style clutch limited-slip . The heavier gear oil is recommended for buffering the action of the 'locker. But after that I sometimes forget it’s in there even at slow tight turns The only down side I find to the lunchbox is the turning radius is a lot bigger when in 4 wheel. Country: United States. Former Former Daily Driver: 2001 XJ Daily Driver, 2" BB . 1995 regcab flatbed dually nv4500 airdog II. Copy this link into your browser Video will open in a new window. I had the jeep up in the air and spun one of the front wheels and got a clicking noise from inside the diff. I don't really give a good goddamn cause. Drop-in lockers, sometimes referred to as “lunchbox lockers”, are a little different. Rear lunchbox locker was the best $250 I've ever spent. The EAT913A541 TRUTRAC fits the Toyota 8. $23. Powertrax lockers replace the spider gears in your differential . Engine. Newsletter Sign-up. I got my lunchbox and I'm armed real well. It performs better than an open diff but not as well as a selectable or lunchbox locker. With only a rear locker installed in the 4runner I was able to do . I've personally run the Spartan locker in the front of an XJ and it was a great budget locker. 0/T18 trans (6. My scrambler has Spartan lockers front and rear. I got my A: The EAT913A541 will work on the 2015 Tacoma that did not come with a Factory E-Locker. The only problem I'm having is that the only one i can find for the 8. I have installed the Lock-Rite in the rear of my M38A1. LOKKA is a fully automatic Differential Lock that does not require manual operation. 88's just sitting on the work bench :o As for gear oil, I have run plain-old 75w90 gear oil in an Aussie and it worked fine. But I ripped one, carefully and correctly setup, out of a Dana 60 after only a few runs. The Lock-Right locker comes with advantages and disadvantages. 1001 W Exchange Ave. Each Spartan 97-04 Dodge Chrysler 8. Joined Apr 6, 2011 Messages 1,910 Reaction score 473 . Our Price: $1815. The Lockright's operation is fully automatic. 2,878 Posts. The Spartan Locker is an automatic mechanical locker, known as a 'lunchbox locker' for its ease of install. Torq-Masters Industries inc. 375" to 37. Detroits aren't as "ratchety" as the lunchbox lockers, so they are a bit more predictable. 89. But most put a selectable in the front (like Ox or ARB) and put the auto locker in the back. The Spartan Locker is known as a drop-in or lunchbox locker. The truetrac is silent. Pros And Cons Of Lunchbox Lockers. info@powertrax. This product is not a single unit that is swapped into your pumpkin, it is a collection of components that transform an open differential carrier into a locker. D. Air lockers make that cool ‘PSSSSHHTTT’ noise You know what I mean! . 73 cj5, May 16, 2021 #13. If a Lunch Box Locker isn't what you're looking for, we have tons of other differentials in stock as well! I put a Detroit locker in mine, works great. I've run the Aussie Locker, Lock-Rite, and Powertraxx lunchbox lockers on Jeeps. ). yj 87; weber carb, posi lock disco, 258 6cyl. The lunchbox lockers replaces your spider gears the question is if it will cause clicking with a fad. DIAGNOSING NOISE (PART 1) Jun 28, 2021: DIAGNOSING NOISE (PART 2) Jun 28, 2021: Spindle Boring Tool Instructions . 1,685 Posts. Likewise, swapping to the gov-lock is also a full gear setup, just like going to a selectable or full-case detroit (is there a full-case detroit for the 14B s/f?). none The nickname lunchbox is derived from the idea that you pack different lunches in the same lunch box. Check also Jeep sites as may find a good used one. There are infrequent situations where you may also hear a metallic click which is normal. 10 AND UP. It is in. just a thought. Easy to install and often called a lunch-box locker because they can be installed in such a short time. ago 98 XJ (D60,9",37s) - 04 6. 98 4door home built coil yota swap 31s rear e-locker, 8000lb winch and synthetic rope . I purchased a 9" ford pumpkin, it has a 3. So a rough noisy ride from a locker is just another instrument added to the orchestra lol. This will help counter the two worst design problems with the 9 1/4". 67:1 than the 700r4 does at 0. The sharpness of the noise slowly decreases with use over about a year or so but never goes away entirely. Detroits on the other hand if you accelerate around a corner they mostly just chirp the inside tire. This type of locker is called a lunchbox locker. Only show this user. 0. This allows the cam gears to spin right past the axle gear which is what creates the ratcheting noise that lunchbox lockers are The Lock-Right Locker is our original product line that offers extreme value in a traction-adding differential. One is available for the Titan, but I'm not sure of the durability nor the driving characteristics. Re: lincoln Lockers for 93 F-350? Thread starter Kelster; Start date Aug 22, 2016; 1; 2; Next . 0 Differential Locker Comparison. #2. When you tip the vehicle up, most of the weight goes to the rear and that is where you get the most traction. It looked like he was using a different brand but the mechanics would be the same from the look. 5:1 transfer case gear reduction SUSPENSION- YJ springs Front shackle reversal Bilstein 5100 shocks Trail Gear high steer kit Plan is lift installed, diy winch bumper, and lunchbox locker for the Dana 30 by the end of February. BigBuckSerialKiller said: I recently bought a used 1999 Jeep Wrangler tj, 4. North Jersey Jeep Club. 50 Goodyear MTRs, 15x10 steelies. It locks 37's just makes too much noise for me. 800-934-2727 | EZ LINK. This is annoying to many drivers. 25: I'm considering a Detroit Locker. 55 $695. 54 and Numerically Lower Gear Ratio. 1- Spartan Sticker. 99 1 1039. To make these measurements, proceed as follows: 1) Remove the existing spider gears, side gears and thrust washers from the differential case, and thoroughly . But man does it pop a lot. #1. Ratcheting noise when turning, too much throttle when turning causing the locker to engage and affecting how well the vehicle turns, etc. I run 37s with a 5. There should be a data tag attached to the diff cover. I took it in for service, because the back was making a scraping noise when the wheel would spin and every once in a while it would also make a clunking noise. I've been running low to mid 12's on slicks with a Powertrax locker and Moser axles in my 8. Doesnt make any noise like a detroit would, yet works amazing . Continue this thread. Running 33's with the Stock G80 10 bolt. 1998 GC 408SC Mid 11's. A No-slip doesn't even make noise! Visit RCP Phx's homepage! A quick rundown of what is typically the cause of noise from an automatic locking differential like the Yukon Grizzly Locker. Lunch box locker I am running the Spartan on 37's long field shafts and birffs and hub gears, up front But it only bangs on the drivers side. I've been thinking about running a Spartan locker in the rear of it. Since you say you have a 91, you most likely have 26 spline axle shafts, but you may want to verify. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 25, 2011. Those automatic lockers make a very audible "clack clack clack" sound when taking turns because they're disengaged. We excel in devising custom engineered . #2 · Jul 25, 2016. Our expert customer support technicians are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a. gapper2 Oh after I was into the project, I found that gm offered an electric model for the hummer but same rear end. Not so with so-called “lunchbox” lockers such as the clever Lock-Right, which replace only the spider gears and can be installed in an afternoon by a competent home mechanic. Calculators. If you plan on going to an ARB or Detroit locker (or lunchbox locker), Varilock owners will need to swap out both axleshafts to open differential units in each axle undergoing this upgrade. ) Anyway, above 60mph, they have a decent moan to them at the PSI I'm running. It's tempting, especially for the price and would be ease of install. The 200r4 will cause you to cruise at a HIGHER speed than the 700r4 given the same engien rpm. Dana 80 Detroit Locker - 35 SPLINE 4. A few advantages of the drop-in type lockers are the fact that they are generally simple devices and 5,232. no noise. The Spartan Locker is a mechanical locker that installs directly into standard differential cases, replacing existing spider gears. 02-11-2009, 09:30 PM . When used, lunchboxes provide a 'Very Well Rested' bonus, a +25% XP bonus, along with a random "party favor" social effect in a small radius, with effects lasting for 60 minutes and 15 seconds. I watched this video about the noise it makes. benjy. These units are designed to sit inside the factory differential carrier, replacing the stock spider gears and in some cases the side gears and . We install a Powertrax Lock-Right "lunch box" locker into a 1978 CJ-5 running and AMC 20 rear axle. 253 Posts. spartan is a lunchbox locker, which means it's always "on" until enough disparate force is applied to opposite sides, at which time it "unlocks" to allow each wheel to spin at different rates. Logged redneckcustoms13. but the noise continued. OR. Most of my wheeling is mud and occasional snow, I think any of the name brands will be strong enough for my rig, so my main concern will be how it will act on rainy roads and will t. Search titles only. Lockers 100% made in the usa. Therefore, two easy measure-ments must be made before final assembly to assure that your new locker will function properly. Then it would drive normal in 2wd and 4wd but under load they would lock. 50 F103SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with . 1999 ECLB nv4500 HX35 hypertech ppIII, valair DD, Rambrake. The Jeep definitely makes more noise when engaging and disengaging, but also gives a distinct feeling or sensation of traction. The Ford Traction-Lok didn't come out until 1969. Really easy, about $400 with fluid and gasket. Its just a matter of getting use . I did full circles with open diff in high. But for the money, they work well. May 2, 2016. If you are looking for something more robust for more aggressive off roading, then a locker is a better bet, though you will have to get used to it's quirks. 99. No problems yet, but the G80 is known for problems and grenading. Mechanical lockers may be to noisy and aggressive for some street applications. 5" should be usable. Open Menu. The “Gov” part comes from how it works. Sometime it sounds like it's the right rear sometime the left rear. You run a very heavy 140w gear oil and it takes 70% of the noise out. No major complaints with either other than the noise, cheapish/trendy build quality and steadily escalating maintenance costs. The Spartan locker's design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap! The drivers are made from 9310 steel, for added strength. The first day I drove it there was little noise. Year: 1998. #12 · Aug 30, 2014. In some vehicles, you will hear a light clicking noise as the gears are overrunning themselves and allowing the wheels to differentiate in a turn. No off topic discussions will be allowed. I think it would hold up, its not getting . If I could get my tires on it I was going over it. Music by Jason Shaw @ audionauti. From $466. I'm hoping most of the noise I'm hearing is because the bushings are completely gone on the rear suspension but its been a hurry up and wait kind of thing for those parts. 54 and Numerically Higher Gear Ratio. Lunchbox Locker Install Instructions (Man’s Version) Key Words: Lockright, spartan Aussie, lunch box locker install instructions, center gap rotation check, popping This is the Man’s version of installing a lunchbox locker great for shops and skilled DIY’rs. Ive heard good things about the Spartan locker but if you have a pinion noise as alluded to in the other thread, you might as well put a whole new differential rather than an lunchbox locker. #12. To make things simple for you, I have to say that if you have a truck or 4-wheeler and drive on different terrains, you should get a lunchbox locker. So far, it’s usually only when turning very slowly, but once things quiet down and we put some miles on it, some fresh fancy Lucas oil and inspection will be in order along . You should be fine with a Spartan only running 31's, once you get up into the 35 inch range you will be pushing the limits of a Spartan. I busted numerous u-joints in the front axle before upgrading the shafts and never once has the locker given me any trouble. 70:1. This is a 31 spline unit. Now for the debate on front and rear. A lunchbox in the rear will always be noisier then the front cause the front only gets engine power in 4x4 and if your complaining of locker noise I dont think a jeep is right for you I love the clicks and stuff as im driving and I got the spartan which is notoriously the most unruly and loud lunchbox. 50. 2007 GC SRT8 Soon to be Turbo Demonized thanks to A. Share. 0, automatic, lifted tires, winch, the whole works. 8 in the rear or consider putting the lunchbox locker in the front axle. Front with hubs unlocked it's not turning so it's totally normal. As we indicated before, the performance game is made of trade-offs but the payoff is big. Value-added, custom-engineered driveline solutions for your specific needs. Is booked for OME 2" suspension lift, ARB front and rear airlockers and diff protect read more. Unquestionably, ARB lockers are the best way to go. But once, it was raining real hard and I was coming up to a corner, didn't come to a complete stop and floored it. However, it is too different for me to fell comfortable tearing down my rear . So after my outing I've been looking into some traction aids. The lunchbox locker is designed to split power evenly between both wheels regardless of which wheel has traction. The big bully try to stick his finger in my chest. Featuring a patented design that increases . Discussion in '1st Gen Tundras (2000-2006)' started by . I run a lunchbox in the rear. 842234100299. Apr 3, 2019. For my 70 elky high torque firm tranny traction bars 4. This locker should work fine for you: Powertrax. 70:1 OD/28" tire gives you 77mph. 1- Spartan Locker. 3. Some drop-ins have internal dampening springs to help reduce the noise of the ratcheting process. Best steel - 9310 hardened alloy steel. Have 2009 spec, 2008 manufactured JK Wrangler Unlimited, have owned since new from 13 Feb ,09, has 7500km on clock. It is possible to hear a clicking sound from an automatic locker from time-to-time. Install a locker. This does however create a clicking noise as it jumps the teeth and unlocks momentarily. You're safer going with the front. $369. They can be very noisy also, and occasionally they'll jump a tooth in a sharp turn on the road and scare you. Virtually all automatic lockers make some degree of noise. The name “lunchbox” came about from the idea of packing up your lunch into a reusable box. The Detroits made in the last 10-15 years are a lot more forgiving than the originals were too. I installed one on my ford ranger and it was amazing. I've heard nothing but good things about the Aussie lockers, if its cheaper go for it! God made Man, Samuel Colt made them equal. only clicks when cornering. Less than 127. Best warranty - hands down, best in the category. The No-Slip has a high value-to-dollar ratio, given the advantages and the relatively low cost. 0, AW4, NP242, 6. Rubber Glue Sealant Car Truck Headlight LED Audio Video Installation Tool Retrofit Reseal Strip Seal Waterproof Seal Noise Isolation $15. However, when the wheels need to differentiate in a turn, the . Lunchbox lockers are locking mechanisms designed to replace the spider gear set and fit into the stock diff carrier. A locking differential is a mechanical component, commonly used in vehicles, designed to overcome the chief limitation of a standard open differential by essentially "locking" both wheels on an axle together as if on a common shaft. Aug 9, 2018. 38 & auto lockers Drivetrain: 4. 5 tsl sx. Here's what happened: I put the axles in, buttoned everything up, and when turning the axles, it makes a noise like . . (ford C6AW-4205-B), I took out a 3. For most driving, a differential with an ARB unit installed acts as a normal open differential—no noise, no steering effects or increased tire wear. NITRO Lunch Box Lockers are inexpensive, durable, easy to install, and we have them in stock! You can shop online with the link below, or call us at 866 349 6801 if you have any questions or can't find the locker you are looking for. until 7:00 p. Go with the ARB if you are going to do it. The 3. Dec 10, 2014. After doing short arm lift kit and 35's I added a ARB locker to the front and Spartan locker in the rear. Aug 13, 2018 #22 sota Full Access Member. The Aussie locker is available for Dana 30, Dana 35, and Dana 44 axles. It was very easy to install and the only time it makes any clicking sound is at full lock, or pretty close to it (making u turns, parking, etc). Here's Here's a link: Powertrax Lock-Right and performance lockers' straight-line performance is equal to a solid spool axle, yet they automatically unlock to allow for full differentiation in turns. (The Spartan is not available for the D25) . It only clicks on tight turns really. - One that doesn't require gear setup. Drop-in/Lunch-Box Locker . I have a Roxor with Spartan Lockers (Dealer Installed). ) It has a few more parts, and costs about 100-150 more then the lock-rite. As for the throwout bearing, I just live with it. Joined Aug Automotive differential lockers and limited slip differentials. Dana 70 and 80 is same part when 35 spline. I was hoping to possibly get some suggestions on the best path forward from people with more experience as I've never done any diff work (taking the axles out was the furthest I've ever gotten) and the knowlege on this forum is incredible. Lunchbox lockers aren’t normally locked, they engage based on input torque vs the G80 that locks based on RPM difference between sides. Lentsnh [OP . Condition. Its a locker that can be installed with basic hand tools and you dont need to take out the carrier. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spartan Lunchbox Locker 30 Spline With Gasket Fits Toyota 8" 4Cyl Front or Rear at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! New. Turning radius take a hit in 4WD but that is expected. Wondering who has put in a "lunchbox" locker, like a LockRite, A Detroit Gearless Locker, etc. I had a lunch box locker in my xj, it took a bit . This is known as the “Gov-lock,” used famously in many GM differentials with the G80 order code and made by Eaton. I have been running an Aussie locker in a d30 with 4. I'm not opposed to getting that one, but it's the most expensive one on the market. That diff has changed a lot over the years. Yukon Gear & Axle Dura Grip Posi-traction Locker for Jeep Wrangler JK (Non-Rubicon), TJ (Rubicon), CJ & XJ Dana 44 Front or Rear w/ 30 Spline Axle. This covers Frontiers, Xterras, Pathfinders 05+ with the r180 Diffs. Generally, most of the old versions behaved similar to your typical lunchbox locker. Installed in a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee after removing the ARB which . I have not seen a reason to get anything other than the Aussie for a front lunchbox locker. 07's. 659. This takes place with the help of Hydraulic brake system configuration circuits or dual circuits. 1968 Mustang. This happens both when turning and driving straight. By: Search Advanced search This is a public forum for discussing Jeep and Jeep related activities. They also make noise and clunk (especially if you accelerate around corners). The guy in the vid said that it makes a ratcheting noise. Wheeled that Jeep very hard on 33" Super Swamper TSL's and no issues with the locker. While traveling straight the Lockright will lock the axles together similar to a spool. I locked the diff in high and there is noise, as well as in low. Cornering of course, accelarating, deccelerating, shifting from 1st to second. MONKEY GRIP LUNCHBOX LOCKER - H233B - 2 PINION. For every-day driving, I run them high. I bought an aussie used off craigslist, it installed within spec but when I drive it i get an ocassional bind up. If you do open it up, replace the pinion crush sleeve with a solid spacer kit and over-torque the side adjusters. Of all of the lunchbox lockers the Aussie seems to be the most dependable. Battlewagon2. I might lock one . When torque is applied, it forces Sep 6, 2011. Technical discussion of gearboxes, clutches, axles, differentials etc. somebody has told me the 1998 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 comes form the factory with a rear locker, is this true. Spartan lunchbox locker Spool locker Diff guards Trail Gear knuckle rebuild kit Birfield gaurds DRIVE TRAIN- Tom Woods front driveshaft Tom Woods rear driveshaft Roadless Gear snatch transfer case mount 6. The torq locker is one of the quieter lockers tho, mine in my JK only likes to make an ratchet noise after a good day of wheeling. Very hard to find one though. The only other thing they could have slipped in there would be a home brew lunchbox locker. Installed a spartan rear locker. Length for the other: ideally 37. I wouldn't put a lunchbox locker like the Lock-Right or the Powertrax NoSlip (not to be confused with the Detroit NoSpin) in a fullsize truck's axle. Took the cover . ARB Air Locker Locking Differential for 27 Spline C Clip Dana 35 with 3. Toyota 8" IFS Clamshell, 4. with the small tires that we run on the libertys your Spartan Locker for Suzuki Samurai differential with 26 spline axlesThe Spartan locker by USA standard gear is a mechanical locker that fits inside a standard case. Technically the Spartan is a lunchbox locker. expecially lifted with bias ply tires. the previous owner installed front and rear Spartan mechanical lunchbox lockers, and when I’m riding in town, live in south ms not far from the coast, on a . I changed the fluid in the diff and put mobile synthetic in and the popping is pretty much gone now all I have is standard popcorn toy noise from the ratcheting. Lockright locker kit. The lunchbox locker is too inflexible for daily driving and the air locker is too fiddly with the compressor and all that (and . Clemons. When you are driving on dry pavement the lunchbox lockers will click and make some noise on hard tight turns but its not damaging anything. It is extremely easy to install compared to other lunchbox lockers Ive used. Designed to send the engine power to the wheels with the most traction, the Lockright will help get you where you want to go. Seattle, USA. 2006. Since the Spartan Locker is installed in the carrier it relies on said carrier for strength. Richmond Tech Support. I assume your clunking is a constant clunking just like if you had put a lunchbox locker up front that makes the . I've used both a Spartan and currently have a Detroit in my rear axle. Attached to the axles via splines is a left and right side (gear) couplers. I have lock right locker, dirty 30's, running doubler, 5 29 gears and 38. So, that’s how a lunchbox locker works for your car. In this case, the locker is the lunch and the stock carrier in the box. #3. Lunchbox lockers replace the spider gears, so you can leave the gears alone and install it yourself. They are both what is commonly refereed to as a 'lunchbox' locker . Oct 23, 2010. Pros: True 50/50 torque split when locked. Actually never know it is back there and I used to have a Lockright (70k miles worth of experience). The result is a reliable part that has been carefully designed with attention to detail. Lunchbox lockers: Spartan, Detroit, Lokka, Aussie Locker, Lock Right, Yukon Grizzly. Our Price: $367. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles View Gallery Uploads Senior Member Join Date Feb 2012 Posts 218. The Lunchbox locker isnt the only design of automatic locker and others such as the Detroit brand of lockers offer an auto locking mechanism. On the other hand you can install a Powertrax/lockright without . with the small tires that we run on the libertys your chance of and they now have the powertrax no-slip which is a lock-right with a better relase mechanism supposedly making them worthy of being a daily on-road. ” They are a budget alternative to a full-on locking carrier. Whirring noise only while decelerating at any or all speeds is most likely caused by bad pinion bearings . Posted November 26, 2012 (edited) The Lokka or what is commonly known as a lunch box locker is the easiest and least expensive option. Looked at lunchbox lockers like Falcon put in his. The name dual circuit is so called, because each circuit acts on both front and rear wheels. A little clicking around corners as is usual for lockers but I . Aussie Lockers and Spartan lockers are cool but they don't make a locker for the pathy. 29 Posts. 3L Vortec, 4L65e, NP241c Suspension: 3 Drop-in lockers are also referred to as “Lunchbox Lockers. This is normal of most lockers on the market today. And it's not just the sound of the popping that bothers me, it's the jerking motion. There is a differential locker that is truly automatic and acts only where there is a difference in speed between the two tires. The only difference between it and the Lockrite, Aussie, or Spartan is that it's supposed to be . I installed a Spartan in my D44 when I installed my gears and just about the time my 500 mile break in was up the locker started popping and making awful noises. The detroit is a full case locker, and is a little noisy here and there. Motorsportz and Demon. 28 . level 1. 1988 Ramcharger AW450-318EFI-NP435 4 speed-NP205 Transfer Case-Dana 60s-Braden Wormdrive Front Winch. Most of the time the clicking isn't noticable unless you're turning very tight. $156. 2 New Front Lower Control Arms With Ball Joints Left Right Compatible With 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner; 2007-2009 FJ Cruise; Lexus GX470 Replaces Dorman 521-433 521-434. I drive my truck about 95% of the time on . A lunchbox locker or Aussie locker is a type of mechanical automatic locking mechanism that will convert an open differential to one that is locked together at all times. I would never install a Detroit or lunchbox locker in a daily driver. Thing really worked well. In snow it wa sa bit tricky at first, but taking it to an empty lot to get used to it was all it took to get comfortable quickly. I've seen it all the . they're only supposed to lock when they sense that one wheel is slipping. Within the last week ive noticed a driveline vibration on decelleration. Auburn Gear serves distributors and original equipment manufacturers looking for expert custom engineering and design support, optimized application performance and efficiency combined with the shortest lead times in the industry. Hellwig 991 helper spring makes clunking noise Strut mount cracked. 88, Nitro Reverse Thick Ring & Pinion. Front locker on 1st Gen. These replace the spider gears in the diff. It cost 250$ at the most shipped for a lunch box locker. I know there can only so many things that make that noise, CV being the major one. It will only work in a open differntial. Thanks for the tip, Singtoe. To put a set of these installer-friendly lockers to the test, we called up the differential experts at Just Differentials and ordered a Dana 30 front Lock Right locker and a Dana 44 rear Powertrax . seems to happen when the pinon gear shaft travels into the pumpkin case. 5 lift bald 37's, locked dana35 . Steve. 12-03-2013, 01:11 AM Thread Starter #12. Deaver springs with King shocks, D44/12 bolt, 3. A locker such as ARB is way more user friendly than any lunch box locker out there. For the most part, the front locker is "almost" invisible in 2wd. The smaller Spartan Locker, also known as a lunchbox locker or an insert-type unit, is easier to install because it replaces the spider gears. A lunch box locker will not work in a limited slip differential. Which lunchbox locker has the best street manners? I have an AMC 20 for my MJ and want to start looking at lockers. Is that those lunchbox lockers, which a powertrax is is just fine if you're doing stock power level stuff. 2007-2017 Wrangler, Jeep JK, 32/35 Spline ARB Air Locker 147, Nitro Front Axle Upgrade Kit for Dana 44. PowerTrax No-Slip Traction System for 97-07 Jeep Vehicles with 29 Spline Chrysler 8. With a lunch box locker you almost need that. However some that wheel flat ground in mud will swear by a front locker. You can replace the cutches in your stock differential. This is a public forum for discussing Jeep and Jeep related activities. It makes that ping noise nvrenuf said. Lunchboxes are consumables introduced in the Fallout 76 update The Legendary Run. They perform the same task as a replacement carrier locker, but allow the user to simply replace the stock spider gears or limited slip clutches with a locker section. for the rear , ARB's and the electric-lockers are a great choice if you budget allows it but for a jeeper with limited $$$ lunchbox lockers are fine . From what I know now, my upgrade sequence would be to do better tires first, then the rear Spartan lunchbox locker, then I would do an OX locker in the front vs the Spartan in the front. The only reason I doubted it was I didnt hear it on the road, like I have with other failing CV's. Any disadvantages are easily overcome by proficient work with the throttle, and the fact that it can be installed by anyone in a few hours, in particular, inside a limited-slip carrier, is truly a value-add. 00 . Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton A lunch box locker will not work in a limited slip differential. Reactions: Kira. Essentially a lunch box locker is a “ratcheting” mini spool. Disengagement is abrupt, you can hear a ratcheting noise when cornering depending on the background engine noise, engagement is delayed, and significant backlash . Aussie Locker. But the lockright isn't THAT expensive. I have searched on here & did a Google search looking for either install pictures or preferably a video on a Spartan Locker install on a Ford 9'' rear end. When there is power, it acts as a spool so both the left and right tires rotate at equal speeds/traction, and then "unlocks" when off the power. 5" Lift, 35's, 4:1, Caged. Also whig will be better to have in my rear end? A limited slip or a lunchbox style auto locker. well let me rephrase this a bit, the differential will be locked at all times except when turning. Clicking noise while cornering and extra driveline slop are common side affects of a mechanical locker. They were like $2. How a Lunchbox Locker Works. I have emailed richmond gear and they telling me to re check the Pros: True 50/50 torque split when locked. 73 gears, lunchbox locker F/Auburn Posi R, crossover steering, 35" BFG Mud Terrains, Vintage Air . I installed a lockright locker into my D30 a few weeks ago. Some users report the sound isn’t that intrusive, others say the noise fades with use. Seem to be tough too . Kyle 03 Tundra - SAWs, Wheelers AAL, BILs, 295s on FJ80 wheels . The Spartan locker’s design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap! Spartan Locker. That's more than I want to spend. Other than that, it drives and sounds just like an open diff. Spend the $$ to get a limited slip 8. It has 3. Offered on Rockauto for awhile. Installing the POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction . I have been using 80W140 gear oil with the rear Lockrite in my FJ40 but it does not get as cold here. Its been more than 15 years without any issue since I install it, until 3 weeks ago after doing a 1 day trip off road and on the way back home I noticed the locker is banging much more often and its doing it when vehicle is moving straight on steady speed. 98 grand cherokee laredo rolled and rebuilt, 4. Modern automotive differentials are available in many different styles ranging from standard open differentials, to limited slip models, to selectable and automatic lockers, and fixed spools that have no differential function at all. The 'Very Well Rested' bonus can stack up to four times at any given time, increasing the overall bonus of best lunchbox locker Review for: No-Slip Traction System For REAR Axle With Open Differential. L. "Affordable" depends on your perspective and budget. On a related note, I opened up some conversation with Aussie Lockers (of New York) who basically make the same thing but stopped making it . A ratcheting noise when cornering is expected and strange behavior when driving, especially shifting gears on a short wheel base Jeep is normal and needs to be anticipated. TOYOTA 7. The lunch box locker works on the same principle as the Detroit locker. Put in a Detroit something like 4+ years ago and never had another peep in spite of 4 short side axle breaks since (on my truggy running beadlocked 42s). 25" Open Differential Axle. EDIT: There may be limited options for 32 spline. Tweet. Procomp 6" Stage 1, 35" Kumho KL-71 MT on 17" Classic Lock Mickey's, Dimpled/Slotted Rotors, AFE Intake, JBA/Magnaflow Exhaust, Bilstein 5125, Speed Grilles, Lund Steps/Cover/Bug Shield. All Lunch Box lockers will ratchet like this, but my aussie seems a Bit loud. i want to use my yj as a daily drive and over the pass on I have run thicker gear oil in the diffs to aide in lunchbox locker noise, but I never thought of doing the same for the transmission. This will drastically improve the performance of your car over the stock differentials. add'l info: 4" lift, 33's, detroit lockrite lunchbox locker (front), OX locker (rear) 3. Normal is a reletive term. They also reduce the excessive noise, tire wear, and drivetrain damage associated with other lockers. Alright guys im trying to weigh my options and would like some opinions. Lockers are more popular for off road or drag racing. These work great barely make any noise if you are turning sharp. 8" rear end. Hi all, I have a few broken teeth on the upper spider in a 8. m. Call us at (864) 843-9275. Keweenaw. 333335. No ratchiting, no noise, and smooth. A step above other lunchbox style lockers, the Spartan uses a unique large alignment pin system and a patented design that improves ease of installation. Now it is making a Hellish noise which. A drop-in unit is an affordable method to couple the axles together while retaining differential action in turns. Location. From my knowledge all automatic lockers make the clicking noise when you round corners. They are always "on" like a ratchett/slip locker but without any noise or popping and as easy to drive in the curves and twisty trails as a open diff. My X. 67:1/28" tire gives you 81mph. I put a 700r4 in, so went to the higher numerical unit. Save. 2018 Ram 2500HD Crew Cab 4WD 5. stock single transfer case and a rear Aussie (lunchbox / ratchet locker) Also had a 3X electric locked FJ80, stock gears on 37s. Also, don't run a minispool if it will ever see streets. In this analogy, the stock carrier . I prefer a locker for all situations. 875" should be usable. I knew there was little aftermarket support for our 9. So it all boils down to this. On some axle designs, you can fit it without even removing the diff, and thus not have to reset anything like ring and pinion mesh when you're doing the job. Wind noise was much improved when I took it for a drive today up to about 60-65mph. Big on Traction, Low on Cost; This noise is the signature of lunchbox lockers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 86-94 Toyota 8" V6 Pickup 4Runner Rearend Spartan Lunchbox Locker 30 Spline at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! A lunch box locker will not work in a limited slip differential. Right Locker may not be able to operate as it was designed. I had just plain ole LockRight lockers in the front and rear of my Tacome and loved them. 26 sold 26 sold 26 sold. 24" but anywhere from 34" to 34. #10. You're off the gas and it's basically open with a little clicking noise. Less expensive ratcheting lockers make a clicking noise when cornering and coasting, the more expensive "silent" lockers don't make the noise. Please follow the forum guidelines for content. 25 is a true-trac posi unit. $169. I have been unable to contact them in any way, which is annoying. Detroit locker 33 spline axles c-clip eliminators. Powertrax no slip 30 spline axles c-clip eliminators. I don't even notice it lock and unlock. We recommend the LOCK-RIGHT for vehicles that are primarily driven in severe driving conditions or are used for recreational off-road. It doesn’t have switches, external lines, electric or pneumatic controls of any sort. Lunchbox lockers like lockrights ussually wear out from spinning wheels on turns and clunking teeth. I said "Almost". Any variation there will contribute to bad juju driving around on hard concrete. 2011-2013 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Nitro Gear Package. Chicago, IL 60609. Model: SE. jeeper4life. only slightly cheaper than ARB's. The nickname "Lunchbox" comes from the idea of packing your lunch in a reusable "lunchbox" where you use the same "lunchbox" and pack in a different lunch. I had pretty good luck with . com. 56 gears and 37" tires for about two years now. In this article we will go over the most popular aftermarket differentials . Modern cars use the application of brakes on all four wheels for better performance and efficiency. and. ARB air-locking differential fitted to a Mitsubishi Delica L400 LWB Diff. I think the 14-bolt GM version might be the older style still since it is kinda a superman style lunchbox. i've run about every locker out there in the past 15 years of building jeeps ,, ARB's and the electric-lockers are very nice . I have never used one in the rear, but supposedly they also make noise . Also a lunchbox locker is not a selectable locker. 10. Sep 19, 2010 at 8:02 PM #13 #13. Watching with interest your . Installation was straight forward and took about an hour and a half this morning. That then mesh on each side of the center drivers (left and right cam gears) And I bought a Detroit truetrac (limited slip locker) and thought it would be better then the lock right (lunch box locker)I have. It replaces the 4 little gears that are visible if u can see the ring gear. I used to run one in the front of my F350 and miss it. Also, automatic locking differentials will affect the ability of a vehicle I like the "lunch box lockers" because it doesnt require a compleat tear down of the axle Is anybody running one of these? if so what do you think. This is a part that has been put through rigorous tests by both development engineers, as well as customers. Best quality - ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. $274. B. Noise kinda coming from both sides. 5" lift, 35x12. You honestly won't even notice them on the street. On some vehicles the engine noise will overcome the clicking noise. On my 3A rear D44 and front D25, I used Lock-Rite lunchbox lockers. Ran 85w140 in a lockright and had almost zero "lunchbox locker" noise, so I would go with the heavier oil just from personal experience. 5" IFS FRONT - AUSSIE LOCKER - 27 SPLINE- LUNCHBOX. I put in low range open diff . After mine gives out, it will be time for some new gears and a detroit locker. 12" F/18" R suspension travel. For a daily driver/occasional weekend warrior, I think you would be happier with a good quality limited-slip differential. However i believe the main culprit for the rear end noise . desertrunner. May 16, 2021. Lockers are a different animal with regard to noise and drive ability. Mar 28, 2013.

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